Why we use conditioner

1. Tonnes of hair gurus/docs/pros have gone on about how shampoo’s best friend is the oh-so-essential conditioner.And there’s a good reason for that:conditioner is a bit like a balanced meal for your hair-it feeds your strands vitamins,proteins,and other healthy stuff,replenishing lost nutrition and leaving your hair stronger and healthier after each use.

2. All that hear can seriously damage your hair,and a conditioner can help.Conditioners that are specifically made for damaged hair are infused with special serums that work on the hair shaft to repair harm and strengthen each strand.

3. Dryness-a sign of damaged hair-is the enemy of shine because it makes strands dull,rough,frizzy,and tangled.And a good conditioner can act like a therapist in these situations.Some of the things it will do:add moisture back to parched hair,reconstruct damaged hair and prevent split ends and breakage,make hair silky and easier to comb,and add a protective coat to each strand so it shines.

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