Technical description of a calculator

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Calculator Description

A calculator is an electronic device used for performing mathematical calculations.A simple calculator works by depressing keys on a keyboard,whereby it is told to add,subtract,multiply,divide and clear the display.Complex calculators can perform many scientific calculations.It may be mechanical,electromechanical or electronic.

The early forms of a calculator were the ‘abacus’ and then the ‘slide rule’.Then followed machines which were based on the mechanism of repeated addition.Several changes were made and many adaptations done.

Early mechanical adding machines were equipped with a keyboard on which numbers to be added were entered,a lever to actuate the addition process and an accumulator to display the results.

Electronic calculators,which became available in the early 1960s,can perform trigonometric,statistical, logarithmic and other advanced calculations.Calculators operate on electrical power supplied by either batteries,solar cells or standard electrical current.They have digital displays,usually using some kind of LCD(liquid crystal display).

A calculator is a device which is used in all aspects of work and every walk of life.They are common accessories in most personal computers and mobile phones.Their importance is immerse.

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