Portable room cooler

A portable room cooler is an electrical appliance used for cooling and ventilating a room of medium size.It is more effective than ordinary electric fans because it performs the added function of blowing out air which circulates through filter pads that contain water.This further cools the air which is then blown outwards.

The working action of portable room cooler is quite simple.The exhaust fan draws in air from the back of the cooler through the grid screen and blows it out through the front.The electric pump delivers the water lying at the bottom to the top of the grid screen where it then trickles down through net screens to the reservoir.This process of circulation continues and some water evaporates and cools the air.Water has to be refilled after some hours.

The important parts of a room cooler are mainly three.The first is the aluminium outer shell with removable grid doors. The lower part of this box like structure is used to store water.The second component is the set of  motor and fan which circulate and blow out the air.The third component is the water evaporating system which circulates the air and makes water trickle in the net screens so that the air thrown out is cooled.

To conclude,room coolers are widely used everywhere.They are available in various shapes,sizes and colours.They can be fixed on steel frames outside windows or placed upon wheeled trollys,for easy movement.

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