Photo Paper – Glossy Versus Matte


How can you discover which form of photo paper to employ when printing your photographs? The differences between glossy and non-glossy, or matte, photo paper may look to remain obvious. But, there are several less obvious differences to consider when selecting your paper. And, there is a less known photo paper choice out there which is called semi-gloss, or satin finish, photographic paper.

Glossy photographic paper could be the type we see quite often in our contemporary world. Usually, this kind of paper appears to be higher in quality as well as the photographs will be more alluring to a person’s eye. This is due to several reasons.

First, glossy photographic paper looks shiny. Matte paper doesn’t have a shiny surface. Second, the glossy version contains a vibrant color quality whereas on matte paper colors appear dull. Finally, the glossy reflects light well while matte paper doesn’t reflect light.

Perhaps you have realized, it will be generally preferable to use glossy paper in your photos instead of non-glossy paper. However, know that there are many conditions can happen when employing glossy paper. By way of example, photos usually tend to accumulate dirt and fingerprints more readily on glossy paper than you are on matte photo paper.

Additional problem that arises with glossy photos is because take time and effort to evaluate properly under strong light. As opposed, photos printed on non-glossy paper are easy to see in many light conditions.

One other thing to to take into consideration in selecting paper is whether or not that you are printing color or non colored documents photographs. Often monochrome photos looks better on matte photo paper given it captures the actual world feel.

As noted above, there does exist one final photo paper choice referred to as semi-gloss or satin finish paper. It has a variety of middle ground between glossy and matte paper. The paper surface while shiny as glossy paper but isn’t as dull as matte paper. Colors are rich, vibrant, and intensely easy for the viewer. Unlike the glossy type, the semi-gloss paper is much easier to view under strong light. It also doesn’t getting your hands on just as much dirt because the glossy version.

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