AlertPay is an account-based payment processor allowing just about anyone with an email address to securely send and receive money with their credit card or bank account. For joining the Alertpay you need need your bank account details, your email address and swift code of your bank. Hence you will be able to join the the Aletrtpay and use their services. It will allow you to send and receive money worldwide by just use of your email address.

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Payment Processor

Payment processor are the company, or third party which are appointed by the merchant to handle transactions for merchant services.

So the main use of the payment processors in our program to receive payments directly on your bank account. There are different types of services provided by the payment processors such as directly withdrawal of payment into your bank account, send and receive payments worldwide, withdrawal payment directly to your credit or debit card and other different types of services. There may be some of free and premium services which are provided by the payment processors companies, but there is no cost if you only want to withdrawal your payment or if you want to receive your money directly to your account.

You have to just sign up with the payment processing company with the use of their website and provide your account details accurately. Hence they will send a small amount to your bank account and when you fill those amount at the time of verification accurately your account will be verified and now you will be able to receive money and your payments directly to your account. Such as the most popular payment processor company is Paypal which is providing the service of directly withdrawal of payments to your bank account, because the do not need more details for the registration such as Swift code.

The things you may need at the time of signup are:

  1. Your bank account name
  2. Your bank name
  3. Bank account number
  4. Branch name
  5. Branch code
  6. IFSC code
  7. Email address
  8. Swift Code, and some times you may require some other details for verification.

There are some most popular payment processor are given on the website, by which you can receive payment directly to your bank account such as Paypal and Alertpay. Please browse the website to signup or join the payment processors. After joining the payment processor you have to just give your email address to send and receive payments and money to your account and no other details required.

You can Get your Payment processor account quickly click on the links below to make your account on Paypal or Alertpay.

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