IEEE Standards Association Introduces guide for microgrid deployment


IEEE Standards Association,a globally recognized standards setting body under the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE),has launched the IEEE 1547.4TM guide for design,operation and integration of distributed resource (DR) island systems with electric power systems.The guide is the first in-depth resource providing alternative approaches and best practices for deployment of DR island systems or micro-grids in India. Micro-grids have complex infrastructures and the connections to and from the larger grid need to be planned carefully.The IEEE 1547.4TM guide takes all these issues into account and includes best practices for setting up micro-grids.

Power Supply Position


In the month of May 2012,the country’s peak power demand was estimated at 84.162 MU,but actual availability was only 77,888 MU,reflecting a shortfall of 6,274 MU or 7.5 percent.

Earlier,in the month of April 2012 the country’s peak power demand was estimated at 78,947 MU,but actual availability was only 74,793 MU,reflecting a shortfall of 72,447 MU or 8.2 percent.

An interesting observation in that despite overall peak shortage of power in the country in March 2012,Chandigarh ,Lakshadweep and Sikkim did not have any peak power shortages,according to data made available by CEA.Uttarpradesh,however,faced the highest shortfall of 1,260 MU.

Tamil nadu recorded the second highest shortfall during the month under review.The state recorded total shortfall of 956 MU in May 2012,against 1,767 MU in March 2012.Maharashtra continued to be a poor performer recording a shortfall of 390 MU against 484 MU in April 2012.Madhya pradesh recorded a shortfall of 259 MU against 556 MU during April 2012 whereas Andhra Pradesh(825 MU versus 1118 MU  in April)also faced major peak period shortfall during the month.


This Time Last Year


India’s coal production during the first three months(April-June) of 2011-12 stood at 118.91 mt,lower than the target of 124.91 mt ,but almost flat as compared to 118.73 mt produced in the corresponding period of 2010-11,according to information available from the Coal Ministry.

During the first quarter of 2011-12,Coal India Ltd(CIL) subsidiaries had produced 96.31 mt,singareni Coallieries Company Ltd(SCCL) produced 11.61 mt and the remaining 10.99 mt was produced by other captive coal mines.

However,during the month of june,coal production of India stood at 38.39 million tons (mt),down 3.3 percent from 39.69 mt produced in the corresponding month of 2010.

Of the total production during the month,30.64 mt was produced by CIL subsidiaries,4.13 mt by SCCL and 3.62 mt by captive coal mines.The actual production during the month of june was 7.7 percent lower than the target of 41.58 mt.The production in May 2011stood at 40.66 mt.

India’s domestic coal production in 2011-2012 was fixed at 554.00 mt,of which 447 mt was to be produced by CIL,51.00 mt by captive mines.CIL,however,ended up with 435.84 mt while SCCL just managed to achieve its target producing 52.211 mt.

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