MATLAB is a numerical computing environment and programming language,maintained by the math works.MATLAB allow easy matrix manipulation,plotting of functions and data,implementation of creation of user interfaces,and interfacing with programs in other languages.MATLAB was first adopted by control design engineers algorithms,it is now also used in education.Simulink is an environment multidomain simulation and model based design for dynamic and embedded system.It provides an intractive graphical environment and a customizable set of block libraries  that let you design,simulate,implement,and a test a variety of time-varying systems,including communications,controls,signal processing,video processing,video processing,and image processing.In particular the teaching of linear algebra and numerical analysis,and is popular amongest scientists involved processing.MATLAB is a “matrix laboratory”,and as such it provides many convenient ways for creating vectors,matrices,and a multi dimensional arrays.MATLAB has a large number of built -in functions,creating and working with model with simulink,you can quickly create,model,and maintain a detailed block diagram of your system using a comprehensive set of predefined blocks.simulink provides tools for hierarchical modelling,data management,and subsystem customization,making it easy to create concise,accurate representations,regardless of your system’s complexity.

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