HP Photosmart C309a Cartridge Review

The HP Photosmart C309a seems much more like a business entitiy machine than what you could make use of for arts and crafts projects sporting an eggshell white exterior and more than a couple of dozen buttons. Presuming you redo your pictures on your laptop before printing them, worried about push virtually all these buttons with regard to you’re copying or faxing. Must you will want to print right out the camera, you are able to preview your pictures using the integrated 2.4-inch display and then make basic edits-including automatic red-eye removal-without actually firing increase protein intake computer.

Machine provides USB, wired Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity, and perhaps supports Bluetooth networking, too. Attaching the computer to a home network was basically very simple. The Photosmart has both a PictBridge interface along with an integrated media-card reader which may support the entire common platforms, such as CompactFlash, MMC, SD, XD, in addition to Thumb drive. The Photosmart is capable of print on plain paper (for a max of legal size), approximately 110-pound cardstock, envelopes, labels, photo paper, and also CDs. Additionally, it boasts a built-in duplexer for two-sided printing.

The unit utilizes HP’s Vivera-series ink, that is supplied in cyan, magenta, yellow, as well as two categories of black cartridges (photo black and also black, the last of which has a larger volume of ink. This is a huge plus if you learn of you print more documents than photos. HP also offers multi-packs and XL cartridges inexpensively (using a cost-per-page basis).

HP suggests making use of its very own photo paper, giving you an attribute that HP reffers to as Auto Sense. Special symbols upon a corner in the paper notify the product on the form of paper being employed, the size of the paper (to your maximum of 8.5 x 11 inches-but not the more picture-frame-friendly 8?10), and also print quality settings the printer must make full use of. The paper will even advise machine when it is been loaded the wrong way up while in the paper tray. HP offers a few sheets about this paper while using the unit, however we in which we obtained much better outcomes adjusting the printer settings by ourselves.

Making use of the printer’s standard settings (600 DPI) with HP’s Photosmart software and Advanced Photo Paper, the HP generated prints that turned out to be noticeably grainy. The ensuing diminished details wasn’t obvious using a casual glimpse, even so it appeared clearly if we investigated printed employing a magnifying loop.

We created significantly better prints choosing HP Photosmart C309a printer ink cartridges and both HP’s and Epson’s photo paper once loading our sample picture into Photoshop Elements 7 and then making the device to print utilizing its higher-quality settings (1,200 DPI). These prints demonstrated considerably less grain when examined with the loop. It produced a 4?6-inch print by 50 % minutes and 20 seconds, which isn’t especially quick. If your primary printing requirements centers around documents, but it really generated details quality text.

HP’s CD-printing solution needs that you draw a tray from the floor within the machine, drop in the CD, open a drawer up top, and then slide the tray in nonetheless its paper tray seems fairly sturdy, to its substantial plastic construction.

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