How to wash your jeans

jeansIf you are wearing your jeans from a long time and not washed it, then I have a few tips that you can wash your jeans easily in a right and proper way.

  • Empty all the pockets of your jeans.
  • If you are going to wash it manually then leave it in the solution of water and detergent before one day.
  • Never leave your jeans from more than one day inside water, otherwise it will smell very badly.
  • You can use a little bit hot water to wash it.
  • Always turn your jeans inside out when you are going to wash it.
  • Never rub your jeans by any type of brush otherwise it can damage its fabrics.
  • After washing your jeans completely you can use some antiseptic liquid (like Dettol ) and mix it with water and put your jeans inside the water for 2 minutes.
  • Always dry your jeans in the open place where air and sunlight can come easily.
  • You can use hangers to hang your jeans to dry.

Always care your clothes gently

If you don’t know how, then just give it to your mother she know very well how to do it.

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