How to Solve MMI Code Problem in Android Mobile

micromax-a57-ninja-3Invalid MMI Code

MMI Code Cancelled

If you are facing problem of Invalid MMI Code Problem in Android mobile phones when your are trying to establish a call, then there may be many of different possible reasons but there is a very popular reason if you are getting this problem.

Your internet connection setting can occur this problem. Your internet connection may be in always on mode.

How to Resolve Problem?


  1. Switch off your mobile phone.
  2. Remove your SIM card from your mobile.
  3. Insert another SIM card.
  4. Now try to make a call, and if you are able to make a call then..
  5. Go to internet connection setting.
  6. Find out the Packed Data Setting, or Data Uses Setting.
  7. Change it to “When Needed” from always on. or if there is no option like this. Just uncheck this option and use it only when you need to surf internet.
  8. Now again switch off your mobile phone and restart.


That’s if Now you will be able to make call from your mobile.

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  1. give me technical detail to setting the MMI code and USSD code in My android MOvimax tm sas 2.2,I have found much trouble to setting it in my android as well as the IP setting,thanks for your advice before and if you have free of charge newsletter or bulleting in printed copy,much pleasure to get it from you by post…see you

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