How to get Recharge amount back in Rechargeitnow

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If you were trying to recharge your mobile no. using and money have been deducted from your account and you have not received the recharge amount or the recharge process failed during recharge then, you can request the recharge amount back into your account.

To Get your recharge back follow these steps:

  1. Login into your account using your email id and password.
  2. Click on contact us from the menu bar at the top of the page.
  3. Choose subject from the drop down menu, like failed recharge or any other.
  4. Now you have to fill the form, using your transaction id, order id, mobile no. and some other details.
  5. You can find all these details by clicking on “my account” at the menu bar.
  6. Click on the transaction and you will be able to see your recharge history.
  7. Now fill the contact us form completely, and submit your form.

That’s it your request will be processed within 2 working days, and you will get back your amount.

See the Contact Form Below

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