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Contra dances are relaxed with family like atmospheres.The dancing is excellent exercise,and dancers can set their own pace.Contra dancers are usually friendly,active people with a love of dance.

At the end of the 17th century,English country dances were taken up by French dancers,hybrid choreographies exist from this period using the steps from French court dance in English dances.The French called these dances contra dance or contredanse.As time progressed,English country dances were spread and reinterpreted throughout the western world,and eventually the french form of the name came to be associated with the American folk dances.

Contra dance events are open to all,regardless of experience.They are family-friendly,and alcohol consumption is not part of the culture.Many events offer beginner-level instructions for up to half an hour before the dance.Atypical evening of contra dance is three hours long,including an intermission.

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