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Chimpanzees pass down a secret handshake

Chimpanzees pass down a ‘secret handshake’ through the generations,according to new study.Researchers found that troops of chimps pass on traditions,including the handshake,from one generation to the next and they differ from group to group.When chimps are cleaning,they adopt a ‘grooming handclasp’ two chimps clasp onto each other’s arms,raise them in the air and groom each other with their free hand.Previous research suggest this handclasp may be a cultural phenomenon-like how people greet each other-but only some chimpanzee colonies practise this grooming behaviour.Researchers looked at chimps on the chimfunshi wildlife orphanage Trust in Zambia-finding some prefer to clasp hands,while others clutch onto another chimp,s wrist.Mark Bodamer,of Gonzaga¬†university,said:These observations support the conclusion that these chimpanzees socially learn their local tradition,and that this might be evidence of social¬†culture.”

Why we use conditioner

1. Tonnes of hair gurus/docs/pros have gone on about how shampoo’s best friend is the oh-so-essential conditioner.And there’s a good reason for that:conditioner is a bit like a balanced meal for your hair-it feeds your strands vitamins,proteins,and other healthy stuff,replenishing lost nutrition and leaving your hair stronger and healthier after each use.

2. All that hear can seriously damage your hair,and a conditioner can help.Conditioners that are specifically made for damaged hair are infused with special serums that work on the hair shaft to repair harm and strengthen each strand.

3. Dryness-a sign of damaged hair-is the enemy of shine because it makes strands dull,rough,frizzy,and tangled.And a good conditioner can act like a therapist in these situations.Some of the things it will do:add moisture back to parched hair,reconstruct damaged hair and prevent split ends and breakage,make hair silky and easier to comb,and add a protective coat to each strand so it shines.