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a lovely quiet and beautiful review of my grand paa

My GRAND PAA name was Mr. Ramshumiran Tripathi.  he was born on  6th of feb. in 1946 at a small village- barahat,   distt- umaria,  state-madhya pradesh.
His FATHER name was mr. Badari Prashad Tripathi and MOTHER name was Mrs. Sukhmati Tripathi. he was three brother and three sister. my GRAND PAA  was big of all of them brother and sister. They were from  a poor family.  At the time of 1940 to 1950 and then slowly slowly there  financially  problem become strong.

He was loving child of his grand maa. and his nature was pleasant, truthy person, caring, sharp minded  and he was  an honest person.

When they was at the age of  15 year old my grand paa passed out eleventh.. At that time eleventh class was higher secondary classes with art subject and at  that time due the reason he was elder he has so much burden upon him. for which he was fighten so much struggle in his life.. ..         TO BE CONTINUED…..



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aam aadmi party arvind kejriwal

AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal caught on camera for lieing

aam aadmi party arvind kejriwalAam aadmi Praty Leader Arvind Kejriwal Sucks People

Here are some of few clips uploaded on the internet , we can see here how much arvind kejriwal lying in front of camera and making peoples fool. Be aware from Aam aadmi party