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Download Manager Project in java

Minor Project internet Download Manager in Java Language

donwload manager major project in javaDownload manager major project in javadonwload-manager-major-projDownload Manager Project in javaMinor Project in java Language internet Download Manager

The functionality of project is that Download manager can Download All the types of images include .jpg, .gif, jpeg, jfif, tiff, png, bmp, and all other types of extensions withing seconds and it can increase the downloading Speed. You have to just give the URL of the image and it will automatically start downloading. Multiple files can be download at same time.

It is a minor project which is totally developed for the Technical student like B.E. / B. Tech/ M.C.A. etc. Please See the Preview of the Project Below:::

Project Cost Rs. 1000

Contact me anytime at :

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donwload manager major project in java

E commerce website major project

Major Project On Online Shopping Website In PHP Language

We are providing Major project on online shopping website On PHP language with fully functionality.

Engineering Project in PHP

The main features of the projects are

1 Login and Logout Panel

2 New User Registration

3 Product Registration

4 Selling and Purchasing Product

5 Displaying The Product Category wise

6 Displaying The Product Cost, Details and Images

7 Search any Product available on the Site.

8 Register new Product, details, title, image, cost and other.

9 Edit the Product Details anytime.

 If you wish to buy the product then the minimum cost of the product is Rs. 1500

The Project is developed according to the technical streams such as BE/ B. tech/ MCA and similar.

Thank You




A firewall is a system that enforces an access control policey between two networks-such as your private LAN & the unsafe,public internet.The firewall determines which inside service can be accessed from the outside & vice-versa.The actual means by which this is accomplished varies widely,but in principal,the firewall can be thought of as a pair of mechanism:one to block traffic & one to permit traffic.A firewall is more than the locked front door to your network it’s your security guard as well.

Basic Purpose of a Firewall

Basically,a firewall does three things to protect the network:

  • It blocks incoming data that might contain a hacker attack.
  • It hides information about the network by making it seem that all outgoing traffic originates from the firewall rather than the network,this is called network address translation.
  • It screens outgoing traffic to limit internet use or access to remote sites.