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In the year 1974 B.C.C.L introduced a payroll system which used the computer concept.Subsequently the computerization was introduced for ledger,relative reports etc.In the year 1982 first computer was installed at Kalyan Bhawan from Calcutta for data processing.Till now the Headquarters of B.C.C.L has been centralized through networking.Each area of B.C.C.L  has its own EDP department of data processing.

COALNET  project for the networking of all areas with the B.C.C.L headquarters & networking  of all subsidiary of Coal India Limited & Ministry of coal is being worked out.Coalnet already networks many areas with the B.C.C.L  Headquarters & will very soon it will network the whole data processing of B.C.C.L.


  • Payroll system
  • House maintenance system
  • Daily attendance record system
  • LTC/LLTC system
  • Non-executive & executive information system
  • Online road sales system
  • Fund management system
  • Sales billing & dispatch accounting
  • Production information system
  • Financial accounting system
  • Coat & budget system
  • Patient registration at central hospital Dhanbad

Bharat Coking Coal Limited (B.C.C.L)

Bharat Coking Coal Limited is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited,Government of India Enterprise,mainly situated in the state of Jharkhand & partly in West Bengal.It is the largest coal company operating in the Jharia coalfields & is the prime source of coking coal in the country.

The management of the coking coal mines in Jharia coalfields were taken over by the central government from private owners on 16th Oct 1971 & subsequently nationalized on 1st May 1972 as National Coal Development Corporation(NCDC).

Non Coaking mines were also taken over by government on 30th Jan 1973 & Nationalized on 1st May  1973 under NCDC.Coal India Limited  was formed as the holding company on 1st Nov 1975.

The B.C.C.L  Headquarters is situated at Koyla Nagar,Dhanbad.

B.C.C.L Operates 78 coal mines which are as follow:-

  • 42 Underground Mines
  • 15 Opencast Mines
  • 21 Mixed Mines (UG & OC Mines)

Out of these,74 Mines are in Jharia coalfields,2 Mines in Mugma coalfields & 2Mines are in Raniganj coalfields of West Bengal state.

The mines are grouped in 13 areas headed by General Manager/Chief General Manager.

High imports call for commercial mining:Jaiswal

The bulging coal imports,which may cross 150 million tons(mt) in 2012-2013,warrant increased competition in exploration and production of the dry fuel in India and the government is trying to gain consensus on allowing commercial mining of coal in the country,coal minister sriprakash Jaiswal has said.

“Ideally,the coal sector should have been opened for commercial mining in line with the energy sector reforms that followed in the early nineties,”he said.

The Indian government is trying to gain consensus on the issue and legislation regarding this is pending in parliament,the minister said.About  the likely benefits of opening up,he said commercial coal mining will promote competition and better coal pricing in the country.

The primary objective,Jaiswal noted,is to increase domestic production,which is falling short of demand in recent years.In 2012-2013,India is targeting to produce around 574 mt of coal,which leaves a gap of 150 mt as compared to the total requirement.

Under present circumstances,the government is encouraging acquisition of coal properties abroad,the development of domestic infrastructure and sprucing up port capacities to handle imports.