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Google Apps Suite Collaborative way of working in the cloud


google-appsGoogle Apps for Work

Google Apps is a Collaborative way of working in the cloud, Google apps Suite is the Fantastic package which is coming with a group of various Apps for Business and Individual Uses. Google Apps is giving the best cloud platform to work online.

More than 5 million businesses have gone Google and over 5,000 sign up every day.

It is coming with various types of basic and advance features which allows user to work on the cloud. There are some of Apps of Google apps Package:

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Forms
  • Sites
  • Google Storage Drive
  • Gmail
  • Hangout
  • Calender
  • Google+

Benefits  of Google Apps for Work

How is the business version different?

*Business email address (
*30GB of online storage (unlimited storage of Google Docs)
*Security and admin controls
*24/7 phone and email support
*99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA with financial penalties and no *planned downtime
*Offline and online capabilities

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Carbon Tax and its effects on Economy


The harmful Green House gases are polluting the environments and to control its effect Carbon Taxes are being imposed.The exercise is aimed to discourage irresponsible citizen contributing to the Global Warming.This threat to environment implies a social cost that humanity has to bear.

In order to curb uncontrolled emissions by industry, governments often levy a charge on carbon emission thrown into the atmosphere.This help them to create funds that can be used to help not only in development of low carbon technologies but also in bringing,parity in unit prices of energy based on fossil-fuels and renewable sources.

this enables investors and consumers to rationally evaluate the option in a holistic manner.the social and environmental costs that polluting industries induce in the absences of such regulations are called ‘negative’ externalities . These negative externalities must be absorbed into the cost of production to reflect the ‘real’ costs.

However,of late,there has been strong public resentment over such acts of government.

MoC considering three models of allocation


Subsequent to the enactment of the mines and minerals(Development and Regulation) Amendment Act,2010 and notification of the auction by competitive bidding of Coal Mines rules,2012,there will be three models for allocation of coal blocks,according to information made available by a coal ministry (MoC) source.

At a meeting held recently and attended by the representatives of MoC,Coal India Limited (CIL),and state governments and Union Territories,it was decided that allocation of blocks for specified end uses other than power shall be done through competitive bidding.Government companies can participate in bidding,though allotment to those can also be made under government dispensation route.

The second model will be allocation of coal/lignite blocks for generation of power based on tariff based competitive bidding.There will be no bidding for coal blocks meant for power separately.The identified blocks earmarked for allocation to power sector will be further earmarked to the ministry of power (MoP)/state governments for carrying out the tariff based bidding.

Thirdly,allotment of coal blocks will be made to state mining/mineral development corporations for commercial mining for supplying to consumers in the state on FSA/coal linkage basis.