Advantage of CAD

(i)In CAD,the man and the electronic machine are blended together to form a problem-solving team with each doing those tasks each can do best.The human being and electronic machine complement one another.In comparing the capabilities of man and computer,it will be found that man can think and can make decisions using his analytical mind.The computer has tremendous speed,it works accurately and it has almost unlimited storage and rapid recall capabilities.

The combination of human brain and the machine produces better results in much less time than if a person performed alone. this results in reduction of drafting labuor and at least 30% saving in drafting time.

(ii)The computers works very accurately,leading to a better quality drawings.

(iii)The drawing can be stored in database.

(iv)With the ability to interact with the computer,you can quickly correct a design/drawing error and see a revised picture on the screen.

(vi)CAD is used in the creation,modification analysis and optimization of design for improved engineering productivity.

(vii)Color graphics help to display more distinct informations  on the screen,highlight certain features,etc.


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